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Our Frenchaise Store Requirement:

 1: Mini Smart Sale Point 

Investment : 0-2.5Lakh

Space Required : 0- 200 Squire foot 

Transport/Mobility : Own

Franchise Type : Unit (able to multi)

City Smart Sale Point

Investment Size  : 5-25Lakh

Space Require : 300- 1000 Squire foot 

Transport/Mobility Require : Own

Outlet/shoppy : 50-250 (Mini Sales Point)

Franchise Type : Multi unit

2: Warehouse

Investment Size  : 50 Lakh - 1Cr

Space Require : 2000- 5000 Squire foot (own)

Transport/Mobility Require : Own as per required

Outlet/shoppy : 50-250 (Mini Smart Sale Point & City SSP)

Office Require : 150 - 300sqft (own/lease)

Franchise Type : Multi unit

Document Requirement for Distributorship

ID Proof: Adhar Card, Pan Card, Voter card

Address Proof : Electricity bill, Rasan Card,

Passport size Photo, Email Id, Phone No, GST, ITR

Local License as Municipal Region, 

Property Documents with appropriates Name

NOC & Deal Deed

OnlyWow Distribution ship Profit & ROI

1-shopy - up to 10%

2- City Store - 6- 11%

3-Warehouse - 4 - 11%

Our retailing & net profit relies upon the deals you have made. on the off chance that you can make  a additional no of deals, you can anticipate additional benefits from the company, Establishment income is based upon a wide variety of elements as benefits. 

For More information can refer our General terms and condition  and Obligation of Association with our privacy policy. and have to follow our sales terms & Condition for customers and applicable Government policy.